Early Fall
Yoga Retreat

September 20-23 rd 2007
Tierra Leaning Center
Leavenworth , WA

About the Retreat
This weekend is about going deeper into our yoga and meditation practice. In these beautiful surroundings, away from our normal distractions, we can create our own personal intentions and the let the transformative power of yoga to take place. The yoga classes will range from gentle/restorative to intermediate/advanced work. The yoga classes will include the practice of pranayama (yogic breathing) as well as meditation. This retreat is open to all levels of yoga experience.

About Tierra Learning Center
TIERRA LEARNING CENTER is situated on 315 acres in the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains of Washington State, about 5 miles from Leavenworth and 3 hours from Seattle. We are 45 minutes from the closest air service at Pangborn Memorial Airport, near Wenatchee, WA. Once a family farm, much of the site is surrounded by Wenatchee National Forest.

The mission of Tierra Learning Center is to create transformative ways of being in the world, by fostering spirituality, social change, and their interdependence.

About the Instructor
DIANE ANDERSON has been studying yoga in its various forms and styles since 1987. She opened NW COMMUNITY YOGA CENTER in 2000 with the intent on bringing community together in a positive and healthy way. Diane's classes are a combination of moving vinyasa flow to warm up, as well as held postures, backbends, and inversions. She likes each class to be a total yoga experience; encouraging and stimulating each of the chakras.

 Retreat Itinerary
Thursday Sept 20
6:30pm Welcome Dinner

Friday Sept 21
8:00 AM Breakfast
9:30 -11:30 AM Yoga Class
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00-4:30 PM Free Time (hikes, naps)
4:45 -6:00 PM Yoga Class
6:30 PM Dinner

Saturday, Sept 22nd
8:00 AM Breakfast
9:30 -11:30 AM Yoga Class
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00-4:30 PM Free Time
(hikes, naps)
4:45 -6:00 PM Yoga Class
6:30 PM Dinner

Sunday, September 19 th
8:00AM Breakfast
9:30-11:30 AM Yoga Class
12:00 PM Lunch


Camping $370
Dorm room (women's & men's separately) $385
Double Occupancy cabins 2 queen beds $475
Single Occupancy cabins $630

Fees are per person, and include: all meals, lodging, use of facilities, and all yoga and meditation classes.


Cancellation Policy:
Please read and understand this policy: If you cancel before August 30th , you will be refunded minus $30. If you cancel after August 30th , you will be refunded only if your space can be filled.


We will encourage and arrange carpooling. 


Call Diane Anderson 206.706.4727

Email: diane@nwcommyoga.com