7:45pm drop in pre natal class
please call to pre-register 206 706 4727 lv msg

  • Learn and enjoy a prenatal vinyasa to invigorate and
    strengthen for pregnancy. Learn pose modifications
    that will safely allow you to continue your yoga
    practice for as long as you would like to.
  • Emphasis will be placed on safety, appropriate breath
    work, modifications to accommodate various stages of
    pregnancy, proper sequencing of poses, and how to
    moderate your vinyasa practice according to your
    energy levels.
  • Prenatal yoga classes are also a good way to commune
    with other pregnant women and listen to how others are experiencing the wonderful transformations.
  • Couples attendance is also welcome and encouraged.
    Practice with your partner--it will be good for them!
    But more importantly, encourage them to come so they
    can learn massage and restorative yoga techniques that
    will heighten your comfort at home.
  • Single 1.5 hours private classes: $75
    5-class individual series: $350
    5-class group series discounts:
    --2 individuals $225 each (ex, couple)
    --3 individuals $165 each
    --4 individuals $100 each (ex, two couples)
  • It is advised that you partake in pre-natal yoga only
    if you have taken yoga before. Pregnancy is not a
    good time to try new things.
  • Instructor Sylvia Chia