Diane AndersonDiane Anderson

Diane Anderson began her discovery of yoga in 1987 after being diagnosed with Insulin-Dependant Diabetes. Hatha yoga was her first step toward a healthier and more wholesome lifestyle. Her first yoga instructor was from the Kripalu tradition. She was amazed at the transformational benefits, at what seemed at the time such a gentle practice. She then went on and has studied many of the numerous styles and traditions offered such as Iyengar, Astanga Vinyasa, Jivamukti, and John Friend's Anusara. She is also a student of Religious Science (Science of Mind). Diane believes that all of the styles and traditions have gifts to offer, and her teaching style reflects her openness and compassion.


Heather CunninghamHeather Cunningham

Heather Cunningham received her advanced teacher training at the Integral Yoga ashrams in Virginia and India. Her classes emphasize yoga as a moving meditation and include postures, breathwork, deep relaxation, aromatherapy, and sound therapy using Tibetan singing bowls. She is also a licensed massage therapist and acupuncturist.


MaryAnne Seibert

MaryAnne was introduced to hatha yoga in 1966 as part of her professional acting training, and was delighted to find a practice as satisfying as dance, but without the performance aspect and with a spiritual base. She teaches in an eclectic, Iyengar-based style, with an emphasis on teaching the basic components of an asana in order to give the student the knowledge to explore its benefits, challenges, and joys. MaryAnne believes that the “correct” pose is the one that works for the student. She is a graduate of the Pacific Yoga Teacher Training & Advanced Studies Program.


Colin PattersonColin Patterson

In 1996 while living in Portland I received the calling to start practicing Yoga. I was really searching for an activity using my body that would energetically ground me and spiritually enrich my life. My first teacher Diane Wilson was an amazing yogi, she had been teaching for over 25 years and practicing since she was a teenager. I practiced heavily during the year I lived in Portland, her presence and teaching’s resonated deeply and made me a firm believer in the art. After years of practicing many different styles I was asked to start teaching classes at crystal Mtn. in the mornings before skiing. I also taught in a community center during the off season down in Enumclaw. In 2003 I moved to the big Island were I started practicing astanga yoga with one of Guru G’s former students and teaching a class at the local yoga studio. A year later I moved to Kauai were I continued to practice ashtanga with another of Patabi jois’s students. During my time there I taught a class in the hot yoga studio. In the fall of 2005 I decided to take Samadhi’s teacher training because it was dedicated to all the aspects of yoga and because Kathleen was one of the most amazing teacher’s I had ever met. I currently teach a vinyassa and a mantra class. I am very open about the flow of my classes depending on the people in the room and the energy of the day. I generally like to incorporate pranayama, meditation and sometimes mantra into the flow of the class. I really like a flowing type class that challenges the students while keeping them in touch with the subtleties of the poses. I have been truly blessed to have amazing teacher’s and look forward to giving some back to my fellow yogi/teacher/students.


Charlene Powell Charlene Powell

Charlene currently explores her interests in the physical arts through the practices of Pilates and Yoga. She comes from a varied movement background, including ballet, ethnic dance, "free-style" Frisbee®, team athletics and the dynamic forms of Japanese Kyokushin. In 1988, Charlene was formally introduced to Hatha Yoga, while attending Hunter College with the undergraduate major of Human Movement Studies. Upon completing Yoga teacher training program at the Yoga Tree in Fremont, she began to examine the correlation's between Yoga and western traditions of health and fitness, and the Pilates Method. Charlene began her Pilates practice in 1998, and since has been exposed to various schools such as Stott Pilates, Physical Mind, and Pilates Guild affiliates. Currently she studies Pilates apparatus work with Mind and Body, Inc. Charlene's cumulative teaching experience of over 10 years informs her perspective of honoring both the unique and the universal qualities of every individual. She delights in generosity of spirit, clarity, and a gentle intensity in the cooperative endeavor.


Lisa Steele Lisa Steele

Lisa is a recent transplant to Seattle, from NYC via California! She received her Teacher Training at OM Yoga Center in NYC under the direction of Cyndi Lee. She has also studied with Rodney Yee, Donna Farhi, Susan Salzberg and David Nichtern. She attempts to bring a joyful spirit and sense of fun to her yoga mat. Her classes are a juicy vinyasa flow of mindfulness, awareness, and freedom. Long term recovery from a serious injury has deepened her understanding of the human body, and the importance of patience. She enjoys doing "doga" with her (adopted-from-an-animal-shelter) dog, Sandy.


SylviaSylvia Chai

Sylvia began her yoga practice about 10 years ago, after a serious knee injury.  Unable to run/ jog as a form of exercise, she turned to yoga to strengthen and maintain stamina.  A few years later, she decided to deepen her practice and complete a 200-hour yoga teacher certification at Atmanada/ CenterPoint Yoga Studios RYS, and then went on to complete 500-hour certification with Adrienne Burke RYS (formerly Director of teacher training program at the Jivamukti Yoga School).  Sylvia has also undergone pre-natal yoga teacher training with Mia Borgatta of Ma Yoga, and is also an enthusiastic student of ballet and Horton modern dance.

Sylvia enjoys teaching a vinyasa-flow style which incorporates elements of the Ashtanga, Sivananda, and Iyengar yoga styles, as well as some principles of classical and modern dance.

“For me, yoga has become so much more than just exercise.  At every turn, there is something more to learn about this fascinating mind-body practice, and I love to encourage others to develop a regular, life-long practice”.


Greg Lewerenz
Greg Lewerenz, a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance and a Licensed Massage Practitioner, has been practicing yoga since 1990. He intensified his study while living in Beijing where he completed teacher training courses with Matthew Cohen, Mimi Kuo, and Robyn Wexler at Yoga Yard in 2005. He has since completed an apprenticeship with Patricia Berger in Idaho, teaching at her Anusara-affiliated studio.  In addition to these teachers, he finds inspiration from Erich Schiffmann, Donna Farhi, his own students, and his personal practice. Greg teaches in a flowing vinyasa style with particular attention to optimal anatomical alignment and breath. He aspires to create an environment where students are inspired to freely explore yoga to reach their own physical and spiritual awakening.


Liziah Woodruff

Liziah completed her yoga teacher training in 2005 and is a certified yoga teacher.  Since graduating,  Liziah has had the wonderful opportunity to share the art of yoga with both kids and adults.  One of Liziah's favorite places to teach is at Children's hospital, where she worked with kids that had eating disorders.  Liziah Has a BFA in acting and performing arts form Cornish College of The Arts. Liziah teaches yoga with the intention to bring joy and inspiration into people's lives.