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Beginner / Restorative
Class geared for those new to yoga or those who just would like a slower, gentler class. Explanation of the poses, pranayama introduction, and use of props will be discussed in these classes.

Basic Hatha
Class is a step up from beginner. Good for all students who want a basic, balanced, Hatha Yoga class.

All Levels/Flow
Open to all levels of experience but class can be challenging, students will be encouraged to work at their own level without as much direct instruction as basic and beginner classes. Anyone is welcome to attend, although we advise new students of yoga to attend some of the basic and beginner classes first. These flow classes include some vinyasa (moving from one pose to another) as well as held postures and inversions.

Pilates Yoga
This fusion of Pilates and Yoga balances healing Yoga poses, which are gently sustained on the current of breath, with the rhythmic, flowing, precise and energizing Mat work from the method of J.H.Pilates. We will explore centering, fluidity, focus and stability by utilizing mat work, small props and physio-balls. Equal value will be given in building strength and enhancing flexibility. Core strength work and its connection with spinal integrity will be addressed. Individual alignments and adjustments are given when necessary and modifications and creative options are offered to accommodate different levels of experience. All are welcome.
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